Kathyana Fitness Apparel is a family owned company based out of Los Angeles California. Started by Miguel Santos and his wife, Estela, they have taken pride in all the work they have put in to make Kathyana what it is. Without an educational background they began working in different factories sewing workout clothes. Seeing an opportunity could emerge, they decided to purchase closeout packages and went door to door looking for potential clients. After acquiring enough clients and merchandise, they decided to put up their own stand at various flea markets. For seven years they continued to purchase and sell any workout clothes they could get their hands on until many of their providers decided they were moving their factories to foreign countries where the manual labor was cheaper. They were left with no clothes and both wholesale and retail customers asking for more. Miguel was left with no other choice but to learn how to design, cut, and sew a new line of clothes which him and Estela named after their daugthters Kathy and Ana. For the past ten years, the Santos family has worked together to create high quality, unique fitness apparel where every step of the process is made in Los Angeles under the Santos family. 

Behind Kathyana are the Santos sisters Kathy and Ana. Ana is a UCR alumni who graduated with the degree in Neuroscience. At 7 years old, she started building her foundation in business by accompanying her parents to the flea markets and has only taken on more responsibilities since then. Katherine, more commonly known as Kathy, is currently a high school senior who was born a day before her parent’s first day of attending the flea markets and has also learned her way through business. Together, they take care of the website, social media platforms, marketing, as well as handling wholesale and retail customers while their parents are responsible for the designing, manufacturing, and packaging aspects.

We thank all of you for believing in our product and we hope you love it as much as we enjoyed making  it!     – The Santos family